July 26, 2021
Facebook Publish actions API deprecated

Facebook just Killed Off this Little-Known Sharing Option

The Facebook Publish actions API is now officially and fully deprecated, according to a recent announcement made on its blog…

Facebook has made good on its promise to tighten down its operations in yet another way. The social corporation announced it’s ended its support for the Publish actions API. As a result, roughly 60,000 apps have been affected, one of which is rival Twitter.

Facebook Publish Actions API Deprecated

Just after it deprecated the tool, Twitter Support tweeted out, “We’ve learned that Tweets and Retweets will no longer automatically post to connected Facebook accounts due to a recent Facebook update. Don’t worry, you have other ways to share a Tweet.”

This means if someone has connected their Twitter account to Facebook to automatically share tweets and retweets to Facebook, that shortcut option is no longer available. 

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed ending the support of the API and said Twitter would in fact, be impacted. However, anyone who wants to share their Twitter content to Facebook may still do so automatically through Facebook’s share dialogs for desktop, Android, as well as iOS.

Facebook first announced it would sunset the Publish actions in April. The social network explains a few categories of developers with long product life cycles were given an extension in order to update their software.

Facebook also states it’s remove API access for hundreds of thousands of inactive apps.