December 9, 2021
Facebook ransomware

Facebook Ransomware Hack Denied by Social Network

Responding to a recent Facebook ransomware attack analysis, the social media giant asserts the conclusions are “incorrect” by Check Point researchers…

Facebook denied Monday its network and Messenger app spread ransomware to its users. This contradicts a Check Point analysis done by researchers Roman Ziakin and Dikla Barda. Check Point is a cyber security company founded in 1993.

Facebook Ransomware Infiltration States Analysis “Incorrect”

Researchers Ziakin and Barda dubbed the malicious embedded code “ImageGate.” Exploiting a flaw in Facebook’s infrastructure, infected images can¬†download to users’ devices. Opening the file causes the device to lock, unleashing the ransomware program known a “Locky.” The malicious code immediately encrypts all device files and the user must pay a ransom to have the device unlocked.

“In the past week, the entire security industry is closely following the massive spread of the Locky ransomware via social media, particularly in its Facebook-based campaign,” the researchers wrote.

“Check Point researchers strongly believe the new ImageGate technique reveals how this campaign was made possible, a question which has been unanswered until now,” the company further explained. Facebook, however, denied this claim, stating, “This analysis is incorrect. There is no connection to Locky or any other ransomware, and this is not appearing on Messenger or Facebook.”

The social media giant said it discovered several bad Google Chrome extensions, which the company states it’s been blocking for “nearly a week.” Facebook also reported the bad extensions to their appropriate parties.

Facebook has recently been the subject of controversy over allegations of allowing fake news to infiltrate its proprietary feed. The company is enjoying strong earnings and is projected to experience mobile ad revenue in excess of $30 billion by the end of next year.

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