December 9, 2021
Facebook Recent Ad Activity

Facebook Recent Ad Activity Rolls Out in the U.S.

A new Facebook Recent Ad Activity section allows users to see which advertisements they’ve clicked on and even contains a save option…

Users who are curious about which Facebook ads they’ve interacted with now have an option to revisit them. Facebook confirms to TechCrunch it indeed introduced a new section on both its mobile apps, as well as desktop.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity Debuts on Mobile Android and iOS Apps, Desktop

Labeled Facebook Recent Ad Activity, it resides under the “See More” option on the left vertical menu column on desktop.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity desktop

And, it appears on mobile too. Simply tap on the hamburger button at the top right of the Android mobile app. Then, tap on “See All” under the Apps section.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity Android 1

Recent Ad Activity appears under Fundraisers and Devices Requests in the fifteenth position within the vertical menu.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity Android 2

Tapping on Recent Ad Activity opens a new page and displays a three-month history of ads users interacted with. But, that’s a far back as the history goes. So, it won’t include ads interacted with in June or before.

Facebook Recent Ad Activity Android 3

It appears Facebook is proactively making an attempt to redirect users back to brands. Instead of going through a traditional search engine like Google, seeking out something that previously sparked interest, users can simply revisit Facebook. This way, Facebook gains the click-through credit. And, it also benefits from collecting more user data. That’s a double win for the social network.

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