October 1, 2022
Facebook Redesigns its Settings Pages on Android and iOS Again

Already Familiar with Facebook’s Settings on Mobile? Think Again, They’ve been Redesigned… Again

Facebook is rolling out a new look to its Settings pages on both Android and iOS, just after people have figured out the old configurations…

Facebook is becoming expert at changing its most important destinations up, including the Settings page. While the social network tends to leave its main feed largely the same, the same can’t be said for Settings for some reason. Now, the company is rolling out a new experience, which has a total of six categories: Account, Preferences, Audience and Visibility, Permissions, Your Information, and Community Standards and Legal Policies.

Facebook Redesigns its Settings Pages on Android and iOS Again

The new Facebook Settings page also rearranges where some sections such as Security, Privacy, Ads, and News Feed settings, live. For instance these are now tucked under the new categories. If that’s not confusing enough, the previous version had a description below each category. Well, that’s gone, too. So, it will take a bit of hunting through the new sections to find where everything is now located.

Although, Facebook did add a shortcut for users’ accounts privacy checkup in the settings. The new design is already rolling out to Android, iOS, mobile web, and Facebook Lite app and will probably be complete soon.

Facebook Redesigns its Settings Pages on Android and iOS
Credit: The Next Web / Facebook

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