June 22, 2022
Facebook releases Pinterest clone Hobbi a photo-sharing app

Facebook Finally Clones Pinterest with New Hobbi Photo-Sharing App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Facebook has introduced its Pinterest-like standalone app, Hobbi, to the United States, after testing it out in other markets…

The world’s biggest social network’s new product division has a new app for US consumers. Unsurprisingly, it looks a like lot another social network known as Pinterest and functions much the same way.

It’s called “Hobbi,” and it’s designed to “capture and organize” users’ creative sides, such as arts and crafts, baking, cooking, and more. And, it’s now available in the United States for the first time.

Facebook Releases Pinterest Clone Hobbi, a Photo-Sharing App

Hobbi, as the name strongly implies, is aimed right at hobbyists. It’s neatest trick is to help capture and catalog users’ progress over the lifespan of a project. Hobbi conspicuously lacks a sharing feature but can be used to create videos of finished projects.

As mentioned, it comes from the New Product Experimentation team, which Facebook formed last summer. Thus far, it’s produced Whale, a meme-creation app, Bump, a social networking app, and Aux, a music DJ. None of these have achieved any real success, though.

Facebook initially released Hobbi in Colombia, Belgium, Spain, and Ukraine. Now, it’s showing up in the US in the Apple App Store. Hobbi is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

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