August 8, 2022
Facebook pseudoscience ad targeting category removed

Facebook Abruptly Kills Off its ‘Pseudoscience’ Ad Targeting Category

A recent news report reveals that Facebook has quietly deleted its ‘pseudoscience’ ad targeting category from its platform…

According to an investigation by The Markup, Facebook has taken away its “pseudoscience” ad targeting category. Previously, this category existed alongside many others and just this week, still showed over 78 million Facebook users were interested in the topic.

Facebook Removes ‘Pseudoscience’ Ad Targeting Category

While certainly curious why Facebook would have such an ad targeting option dedicated to pseudoscience in the first place, it makes sense the social network would remove it during a global pandemic. After all, the portal is well-known to be a medium for curating misinformation, spreading unsubstantiated rumors, outright fake news, as well as hoaxes, though it is always working to prevent such content from appearing at all.

A spokesperson for Facebook confirmed in an email to The Verge that the company removed the category to help combat abuse by advertisers: “We’ve removed this targeting option to prevent potential abuse in ads.”

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