November 9, 2022
Facebook removes malware accounts

Facebook Deletes Profiles for Spreading Malware Since 2014

Facebook has removed over thirty different accounts discovered to spread Remote Access Trojan malware through malicious links…

Social giant Facebook has shut down more than 30 profiles it found to distribute malware. The accounts have done such dirty work since at least 2014. 

Facebook Removes Remote Access Trojan Malware Distribution Accounts on the Platform Since 2014

The profiles were transmitting Remote Access Trojans or RATs via malicious links which ostensibly gave users information about the ongoing political turmoil in Libya.

Facebook launched “Operation Tripoli” after cybersecurity firm Check Point Research discovered the pages had spread the malware since at least 2014. At this time, it’s not known how many users were affected, but it’s estimated to be in the thousands.

Some of the accounts had over 100,000 followers. The profiles lured people into “clicking links and downloading files that are supposed to inform about the latest airstrike in the country, or the capturing of terrorists, but instead contain[ed] malware.”

While people were promised news on Libya and various players in the region, they were actually taken to URLs which attempted to download malicious scripts and trickster Android apps.

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