December 9, 2021
Facebook Reportedly Developing an AI-Powered News Summary Tool

Facebook is Quietly Working on a New AI Tool to Auto-Summarize News Articles

Facebook is secretly working on an AI powered news article summation tool, complete with an optional audio narration feature…

Recent news reports reveal that Facebook is in the process of building an AI program called TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) that will automatically sum up news articles. Apparently, it will also include a narration option for users to listen to the summary, along with a smart assistant that can answer questions about the source material. If true, this would mark yet another foray into the publishing world, following Facebook’s roll out of a dedicated News tab last year.

Facebook Reportedly Developing an AI-Powered News Summary Tool

While this might seem like a worthwhile endeavor, it’s fraught with a number of problems. After all, robots don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to summarizing news or other types of content. There are several examples across the web, and most fall short of delivering on what a human could otherwise do much better.

For instance, at the very least, the tool could wind up spinning out a bunch of gibberish, which would serve as a source of much embarrassment for Facebook. At its worst, it could take the contents out of context entirely, delivering an entirely different message than what’s intended by the writer and/or publisher. Or, you could misinterpret portions of the article, leading to confusion among consumers.

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