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Facebook Rolling Out New Mood Feature

Illustration of Facebook mobile interface
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Menlo Park, California–The world’s largest social media site is beginning a roll out of a new mood or emotion feature. In what looks remarkably similar to the MySpace mood tool, Facebook’s new status emoticon was previously only available to a small group of users. Now it appears to be available to more U.S. users and might be the start of a global offering.

The feature is situated between the photo adding button and the privacy filter. When a user clicks on the smiley face, a message pops up which reads, “Share how you’re feeling or what you’re doing”.

It’s a bit more expansive than most emoticon tools as it allows you to choose from feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking, or eating. There’s even an option to add an extra description.

Facebook is likely using this new feature to gather more data about its users and personalize ads accordingly. The social network routinely mines data from its users’ behaviors, showing targeted ads based on in-network browsing history, status updates, location, likes and shares.

Sharing one’s mood could also be intricate to graph search. Facebook has taken a huge leap with that expansive search tool and will probably include more features to help users connect. The new emoticon feature could also be an overture to millennials, who increasingly view the social site as outdated. With the tool, users are able to customize their content with more options.

Facebook recently made news when it was learned the company was involved in a partnership with HTC to develop a mobile device that put the social network front and center on the smartphone’s home screen. There are approximately 900 million Facebook registered users and the social site has a mobile user base of about 650 million. It remains the most popular social media site on the internet, but Twitter and others are seriously cutting into the market share.

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