September 18, 2022
Facebook safety check button

Facebook Safety Check Button Debuts in Main Navigation Menu

The world’s largest social media network just rolled out a dedicated Facebook safety check button on its desktop platform and mobile apps…

Facebook just introduced a dedicated link for Safety Check on desktop and its native mobile apps. The company made the announcement on its Disaster Response page today.

Facebook Safety Check Button Now Appears on Desktop, Mobile as Standalone Links

Facebook Safety Check is a feature which the company enabled during disasters, terrorism attacks, and other such events. But now, a standalone Facebook Safety Check button resides right in the main navigation menu on the mobile apps, as well as on the left vertical side column on desktop. The roll out comes after the latest rounds of terror attacks in Barcelona, Charlottesville, and other locations around the globe.

“Safety Check helps our community let loved ones know they are safe during a crisis, find and give help, as well as learn more about a crisis. There’s now a single place to go to see where Safety Check has recently been activated, get the information you need and potentially be able to help affected areas.”

Facebook added some new Safety Check features in mid-June, which include fundraising, Community Help, personal notes, and crisis reporting from NC4, a safety and security solutions organizations.

When users access Safety Check, they see a feed of disasters, attacks, and other events, including updates from friends. The company also placed an “around the world” section to display where active.

The new Facebook Safety Check button is now rolling out worldwide, so not all users will see it right away. But, it is appearing on mobile iOS, Android, and desktop in some markets.

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