December 9, 2021
Facebook scam ad reporting

Facebook Launches a New Scam Ad Reporting Option in the UK

Social media giant Facebook has rolled out a new scam ad reporting feature to its users in the UK, and pledged millions to anti-scam initiatives….

Facebook has released a new reporting tool targeting scam ads on the platform. It’s rolling out in the United Kingdom for users to flag bogus get-rich-quick schemes, dubious cryptocurrency transactions, and more rip-offs.

Facebook Scam Ad Reporting Tool goes Live in the United Kingdom

Aside from the new Facebook scam ad reporting tool comes a promise to dedicate £3 million for anti-scam initiatives run by financial charity, Citizens Advice.

The new Facebook scam ad reporting option comes after a lawsuit filed by Martin Lewis.

Lewis is the founder of the MoneySavingExpert website and sued Facebook for his name, image, and brand appearing on fake ads. Lewis later dropped the lawsuit after reaching an agreement the social network would do more to combat the problem.

British consumer finance proponent, Martin Lewis says:

“Millions of people know a scam when they see it, and millions of others don’t. So now, I’d ask all who recognise them to use the new Facebook reporting tool, to help protect those who don’t — which includes many who are vulnerable.”

Facebook scam ad reporting
Credit: Facebook

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