November 7, 2022
Facebook search results explained

Facebook made a Video to Explain How its Search Works and Nobody Watched It

Facebook explained its search results with a short video, accompanied by a blog post, demonstrating the factors and processes…

As even more scandals pop-up over internal practices at Facebook, the company put out a short explainer video. It shows how the site’s search engine works but not many users seem to care. In fact, it’s only racked up about 400+ views (as publication of this post). That’s not exactly impressive or substantial, considering there are more than 2.2 billion users.

Facebook Search Results Explained with Video

Product Manager Yee Lee goes through the various factors of what Facebook uses to deliver answers to search queries.

The company states in a blog post it’s letting the public know the processes for the sake of transparency. 

The video explains search results are primarily based on people’s activity. So, when someone types a query into the search box, the results are ranked based on that user’s previous activity and community activity. 

“When you search for content on Facebook, the results you see are ranked based on your activity and the activity of the Facebook community. How much each affects the search results you see changes depending on what you search for, which helps make sure the content you see is relevant and useful.”

Ranking factors include, content friends share, followed pages, joined groups, followed and/or like events, News Feed interactions, profile info, tagged locations, and previous searches. However, the search results are not based on web activities outside of Facebook:

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