April 13, 2021
Facebook settles Instagram like selling lawsuit

Facebook Reaches a Settlement with New Zealand-Based Company it Accused of Selling Fake Likes on Instagram

Facebook has reached a settlement with a company the social network accused of selling fake activity on subsidiary Instagram…

Recently, Instagram has struggled with policing fake activity on its platform. This includes spam comments, fraudulent followers, and fake likes. Now, Parent company Facebook has won a small victory in court against a New Zealand-based company.

Facebook Settles Instagram Fake Like-Selling Lawsuit

Facebook filed a lawsuit against Social Media Series Limited in California. The social corporation alleged the company sold fake likes on Instagram. The civil action also alleged the defendant violated violating cyber-security laws by taking payments in exchange for artificially promoting posts and accounts.

Facebook estimates the defendant brought in approximately $9.4 million over the course of its operation. The settlement bans the parties involved from Facebook and defendants agreed to pay $500,000.

Facebook continues to fight against fake activity on its flagship platform, as well as its subsidiaries. Back in March, the social site filed a lawsuit against a China-based operation for selling fake likes and followers. Additionally, last year, it removed over 1.5 billion fake accounts from its platform.

It’s also cracked-down on spam accounts and bogus pages. However, it’s in the midst of a fight with porn bot comments on Instagram.

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