September 26, 2021
Facebook shares user data with mobile carriers

Facebook Shares Personal User Data with Mobile Carriers, Report Claims

A news report claims Facebook privacy scandals aren’t over, citing a confidential document, which shows the company is sharing info with mobile carriers…

Privacy concerns over practices at Facebook aren’t over yet. Apparently, the social network’s user data sharing prowess extends much further than anyone believed.

Facebook Shares Personal User Data with Mobile Carriers

According to a new report by The Intercept, Facebook shares a lot of information about its users with wireless carriers:

“A confidential Facebook document reviewed by The Intercept shows that the social network courts carriers, along with phone makers — some 100 different companies in 50 countries — by offering the use of even more surveillance data, pulled straight from your smartphone by Facebook itself.

Offered to select Facebook partners, the data includes not just technical information about Facebook members’ devices and use of Wi-Fi and cellular networks, but also their past locations, interests, and even their social groups. This data is sourced not just from the company’s main iOS and Android apps, but from Instagram and Messenger as well.”

It’s even possible by doing so, Facebook might be violating federal law regarding credit assessments.

Although Facebook does disclose the practice, the social corporation plays up benefits to consumers while downplaying its commercial elements.

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