July 4, 2022
Facebook data-scraping apps

Facebook has Removed Tens of Thousands of Apps for Data-Scraping

Tens of thousands of Facebook data-scraping apps have been taken down for inappropriate behavior, which include popular programs…

Facebook is certainly no stranger to scandals. After several privacy and security compromises, the social corporation stated it would conduct an extensive investigation. Particularly, the social network said it would look closely at apps which have access to large amounts of user data.

Subsequently, Facebook has recently announced its reviewed millions of mobile applications and suspended tens of thousands, associated with approximately 400 developers.

Facebook Shuts Down Tens of Thousands of Data-Scraping Apps

Facebook explains it’s also put in place new rules to govern developers’ access to users’ data. For instance, Ime Archibong, VP of Product Partnerships, writes:

“Apps that provide minimal utility for users, like personality quizzes, may not be allowed on Facebook. Apps may not request a person’s data unless the developer uses it to meaningfully improve the quality of a person’s experience. They must also clearly demonstrate to people how their data would be used to provide them that experience.”

The company also states it took legal action, where appropriate. And, says it will suspend or revoke developer access to any API that’s not been used in 90 days.

Finally, Facebook reveals its investigation is ongoing. 

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