June 22, 2022
Facebook silent video ads

Facebook Silent Video Ads Present Brands with Challenges

Brands face challenges posed by Facebook silent video ads as sound is automatically muted on users’ News Feeds, creating marketing obstacles…

Facebook silent video ads are an obstinate reality for brands. Because the social network makes clear it is putting videos front-and-center of user experience, companies must get creative as ads automatically play without sound. Facebook is urging brands to edit and reframe content to resonate inside the mute environment.

The social network shares advice about how to accomplish marketing on its platform with silent video ads. But for many companies, this presents a significant challenge. 

The Effectiveness of Facebook Silent Video Ads

There are more than 500 million daily video views and 50 percent of the time, users turn the sound on, according to Facebook. However, the actual figures differ, according to The Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia. That company’s data reveals about 94 percent of Facebook ad views are without sound.

Social media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are working diligently to convince advertisers videos on their platforms are as effective as television marketing. This, despite the fact ads may play for only a few seconds and/or while muted.

Recently, new Facebook retailer measurement tools and options went live on the platform. This occurred before the company admitted it substantially overestimated the average amount of time users spend watching videos. For more than two years, the social site sent inflated numbers to partners, including media publishers and brands.

Facebook local advertisers are on the increase while legacy media buys are shrinking for television, radio, and print. Clearly, brands continue to prefer social media over traditional mediums. Social platforms continue to provide more data to marketers in an effort to capture a larger percentage of market share.

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