July 23, 2021
Facebook spam

Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Profiles and Pages for Spamming

Facebook spam and click-bait continue to infest the social network, so the company is fighting back by looking at behavior instead of just content…

Spam, click-bait, fake and misleading content are real problems on the web. Today, social sites are where a good amount this activity occurs, simply because it’s where nefarious individuals know they’ll find victims. Facebook has announced it’s removing hundreds of accounts and Pages due to what it calls “inauthentic activity.”

Facebook Spam Profiles and Pages Removed

Facebook states it’s identified 559 Pages and 251 profiles which used “sensational political content” and had “consistently broken” the social platform’s rules. The company explained many employed strategies such as posting to fake or numerous accounts to generate traffic.

Additionally, the digital corporation is changing up its detection tactics. Instead of just focusing on content alone, it’s also looking at behavior:

“It’s why we continue to invest heavily, including in better technology, to prevent this kind of misuse. Because people will only share on Facebook if they feel safe and trust the connections they make here.”

Back in June, Facebook took down 10,000 fake Pages, Groups, and accounts. In December of last year, the company instituted a new rule, prohibiting people and Pages from using “engagement bait.”

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