May 27, 2022
Facebook Spring Memories 2018

Facebook Spring Memories 2018 Roll Out

Facebook Spring Memories 2018 come to Android, iOS, and the web for users to share their personalized lookback photo collages…

Social giant Facebook continues to make good on its promise to serve up more ways to share moments with friends. Now, the Facebook Spring Memories 2018 collection is going out to users across the platform. The company curated its first Spring Memories collage last year. It’s doing so yet again, although under a different set of circumstances.

Facebook Spring Memories 2018 Roll Out

The Facebook Spring Memories 2018 collection comes at a time when the social network is battling two wars. The first is known as “context collapse,” or a phenomenon of people sharing less organically. (Internally called a decline in “original content broadcasting”).

Second, user growth has also stalled in North America. In fact, last month, Instagram usage in the United States rose to nearly equal that of Facebook on the Android apps, according to new data from Similar Web

Its moments collages are part of an effort to encourage users to share more. The company serves these monthly and seasonally. But, the latter seems to outperform the former. It released  JuneJuly, and August, last year, as well as September and October. But, seasonal collections earned more interactions. Such as last year’s Spring Memories and later Facebook Winter Memories.

(This year, the social network has already served up a Facebook February Moments video, then a March Moments video, followed by an April Moments video. Last month, it released a May Moments video.)

How to Get Facebook  Spring Memories for 2018

To get the Facebook Spring Memories 2018 photo collage, simply open the app on Android or iOS or visit the desktop site and look for the prompt at the top of the News Feed. If available, it will appear automatically. But, if doesn’t automatically surface, try going to Memories (formerly, On This Day). Just check back periodically over the next several days if it’s not there. Strangely, it does not appear users can tag friends in the latest collection. However, there is an option to select different pictures.

It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately. (Please note that Facebook only serves its memories collections spontaneously. The social site previously did not provide a dedicated page to find them. There also wasn’t any option to retrieve the collages manually before, but this might well be changing.)

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