October 1, 2022
Facebook Spring Memories

Facebook Spring Memories, Other User CTAs, Expand Fight against ‘Context Collapse’

Facebook Spring Memories debut, along with other ongoing user calls-to-action, in a continued effort to push back against what’s known as ‘context collapse’…

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Although Facebook boasts some 1.94 billion MAUs, or monthly active users, the social media behemoth continues to suffer from what it internally calls, “context collapse.”

Facebook Spring Memories, Other User CTAs, Ramp Up Battle against ‘Context Collapse’

Just this weekend, Facebook Spring Memories began appearing, prompting users to share more organic content. The social network continues to face a dichotomy — while it’s still growing, raising its MAUs from 1.86 billion in February to 1.94 billion, users are sharing less original content but are gradually more engaged. In other words, users are posting less but still spending more time on the social platform.

To fight this duality trend, Facebook has introduced a number of new features to prompt users into sharing more. One such call-to-action, is a relatively new stats page: 

Facebook share stats CTA

As pictured above, it’s clear the social network wants its users to share more by providing incentive. When acted upon, a new CTA appears, like this one, pictured below: 

Facebook user CTA

After posting more original content, a congratulatory message appears, along with a “See More” option. However, these aren’t the only user CTAs Facebook is using to battle context collapse. In April, a new “Highlights From This Week,” appeared for some users. Additionally, Facebook status update background colors rolled out, offering users a variety of ways to enhance their original shares.

Yet another feature introduced to combat the problem are large font for posts under 35 characters in length. The company also changed its News Feed post ranking factors to encourage more original user content.

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