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Surprise! Facebook is Winning the Stories Format War

Facebook Stories daily active users

Credit: Facebook / The Verge

Facebook Stories daily active users are crushing the competition, including the company which pioneered the format, rival Snapchat…

The world’s largest social network released its daily active user count for its stories format on Facebook and Messenger. The upshot, Facebook is dominating the format while Snapchat isn’t faring nearly as well.

Facebook Stories Daily Active Users Dominate the Format

Facebook Stories now claims 150 million DAUs or daily active users, with Messenger Stories garnering 70 million DAUs, since last September. Combined, that’s 220 million DAUs as of May last year. Conversely, according to its own numbers, Snapchat claims 188 million DAUs, which is down from 191 million.

Part of the explanation lies in raw numbers. Facebook boasts 2.2 billion users and Facebook Messenger claims 1.2 billion monthly active users. And, Facebook has aggressively pushed the stories format placing it above the News Feed. So, it’s little wonder why Facebook and Messenger are growing this segment. What’s more, Instagram, which Facebook owns, also has 400 million daily active stories users

It’s important to note, Snap, Inc., pioneered the stories format. Seeing its early success, Facebook copied it and released several versions of it. Since that time, the social network has shrunk its once-ubiquitous presence of the stories format. Although, these remain prominently displayed on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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