September 22, 2021

Here’s Facebook’s Next Desperate Play to Get People to Use Stories

The new Facebook Stories desktop editing is here (although none of its users asked for it) but that certainly isn’t stopping the social network from trying…

Facebook is widely known for its cloning prowess. It knocked-off the most popular Snapchat features. For instance, its biggest success is Instagram Stories. In fact, Instagram Stories hit 300 million DAUs or daily active users back in November of last year. That’s an actual increase from 250 million DAUs in June, just five months earlier. While Snapchat claims just over half of that figure, with 187 million daily active users.

Facebook Stories Desktop Editing Tool Introduced

However, not everything Facebook touches turns gold. Take for example Facebook Stories. It rolled out to replace Messenger Day the very same month Instagram Stories reached its 300 million milestone. But, since that time, virtually no one uses it.

Its usage is at-best, anecdotal. People simply aren’t attracted to it. Nonetheless, that isn’t stopping the social network from pushing it. The company just added Facebook Stories desktop editing. It’s a new feature, giving users the power to add text, apply color filters, and adorn content with stickers. 

It’s available through the “Edit Photo” option, located in the bottom right corner. There are a variety of fonts and colors, which just might pique some interest. But, it doesn’t seem likely, given its grim performance.

Facebook has tried a number of tricks to get people to use Stories. One bizarre example is when it placed faded images of friends right atop the News Feed. (People who didn’t actually use the feature.)

This latest play comes as users began leaving the platform during the last quarter. And, after it announced some big changes to its News Feed.

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