August 4, 2022
Facebook Stories desktop test

Facebook Stories Desktop Test begins Rolling Out

A new Facebook Stories desktop test is now just starting to appear to some users but the feature will expand wider, the social network confirms…

Facebook Stories, a well-known Snapchat clone, is now showing up on desktop, albeit to a limited number of users. Instead of appearing above the News Feed, as it does on mobile, the feature sits in the right column at the top of the page.

New Facebook Stories Desktop Test starts to Appear

Sarah Perez of TechCrunch captured a screenshot of the Facebook Stories desktop test. As pictured, the feature shows up to five Stories, with a grayed-out question mark in the upper right corner. Hovering over the question mark generates an explanation which tells users that Stories consist of images and videos, which are ephemerally visible for a period of 24 hours.

Credit: Sarah Perez / TechCrunch

Facebook has much success in cloning the most popular Snapchat features. For instance, Instagram Stories hit its one-year anniversary yesterday, boasting an astonishing 250 million users. (The featured gained 150 million users only five months after debuting.) By comparison, Snapchat has 166 million users.

Further proving its popularity, Facebook released figures yesterday, showing Instagram Stories enjoys an average usage up to 32 minutes per day for users under 25 years old, along with 24 minutes per day for users over 25.

Facebook also added its Stories option to Messenger, along with a similar feature in WhatsApp. But, Facebook Stories have not caught on within the company’s flagship mobile app. So few people use the feature the company now shows grayed-out icons of the most frequent contacts on the platform in place of blank Stories icons.

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