December 2, 2021
Facebook group Stories

Stories are Coming to All Groups on Facebook, allowing Members to Add Content and Reactions

Facebook Group Stories will soon become available to all communities, after a limited capacity test run, which occurred last year…

Social network behemoth Facebook has announced it will make Group Stories available to all Groups on the platform, after a limited test of the feature.

Facebook Stories Expand to Include All Groups on the Platform

The option, appropriately called “Group Stories,” works much the same way as Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories. Members of the group can collaborate, publish a story, and then comment and react to it.

Group Stories will appear at the top of the page and all members can view them or even add to them. Simply select a photo, add effects, and/or stickers, and/or drawings, if desired, and add the embellishments for the group to view.

Facebook anticipates the tool will help members to become more engaged and involved but the social corporation also recognizes the potential for abuse. So, it provides controls to moderators. These including muting options, post approval, and more.

Facebook Group Stories will soon become available for both desktop and mobile versions for Android and iOS. The company states Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories are used daily about 300 times, meaning there’s value in the format for the company, so it won’t go away any time soon.

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