August 6, 2021
Facebook Stories replaces Messenger Day

Facebook Stories Replaces Messenger Day, Adds Synced Cross-Posting

Today, Facebook Stories replaces Messenger Day, and it’s killing off Facebook Direct, in a move to consolidate its many like features…

There’s much redundancy in the various Facebook products. Now, the social giant is shutting down Messenger Day and merging the chat app’s stories tool with Facebook Stories.

Facebook Stories Replaces Messenger Day, includes New Synced Cross-Posting

Users mistakenly believed the two experiences were actually connected. That wasn’t the case. And Facebook sees a need to simplify things. “We needed to make it easier for people to share Stories across different apps,” Facebook product manager Connor Hayes tells TechCrunch.

Although the merge is taking place, the cameras inside the clients remain the same. Facebook cameras stay focused on augmented reality masks and effects. While Messenger caters to adding captions and styling text. 

Synced cross-posting is also a part of the change and that eliminates the need for manual cross-posting. This might help Facebook Stories become more popular. It simply doesn’t attract nearly as much usage as Instagram Stories.

Instagram, a Facebook subsidiary, is currently rolling out a cross-post to Facebook Stories option. But, there’s no plan to allow cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram Stories.

To date, Facebook hasn’t provided much information about the popularity of Facebook Stories. However, the company states Messenger Day claims 70 million daily active users. And, 300 million on Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status.

Plus, Facebook ditching Direct means it’s now out of the ephemeral messaging business, at least for now. Disappearing messages will only route through Messenger and will not remain an option on the flagship app. The company states it’s made the change due to research. That research reveals users have a preference for such content to pop up inside of Messenger.

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