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Snapchat Created the Stories Format but Facebook is Dominating It

Facebook Stories user base

The Facebook Stories user base keeps growing and now it appears it will overtake the very format its rival Snapchat first created…

Snapchat introduced the stories format to the world back in 2013. It’s since grown exponentially. But, not necessary on its creator’s platform. That’s because Facebook outright copied the tech and launched Instagram Stories. Then, it rolled the format out to WhatsApp and Messenger, where it eventually pulled it away from the latter. Facebook Stories followed and now, it’s making significant traction.

Facebook Stories User Base Outgrowing Snapchat

Today, Facebook Stories boasts 150 million DAUs or daily active users. And, its subsidiary, Instagram Stories claims twice as many — 300 million. However, Snapchat lingers far behind. Facebook has more than 2 billion users. While Snapchat has just 191 million DAUs, of which, less than 150 million use Stories daily. (By comparison, WhatsApp Status, which is the same stories format, has 450 million DAUs.)

Making things worse is the fact that Facebook recently announced it’s introducing video ads to the format. Although the numbers aren’t necessary that out of proportion yet, with an audience of more than 2 billion, it’s likely advertisers will go where people already congregate.

Although, Snapchat has demonstrated solid success with its mid-roll video ads. But, it still must compete with the likes of Facebook. Snap, Inc. is now forecasted to earn $1.19 billion in ad revenue for this year. While that sounds impressive, it’s the same as last year.

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