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Facebook is Gearing Up to Invade Stories with Annoying Video Ads

Facebook Stories video ads

Credit: Facebook

Facebook Stories video ads will soon show up, thanks to a new initiative to monetize the super popular social media format…

For those still following the old way of interacting with social media, stories aren’t part of their experience. But, that format is now the most popular and it’s increasingly on the rise with users. So, Facebook is going to monetize its Stories platform with video ads. And, the change has already started.

Facebook Stories Video Ads Underway

For those unfamiliar, Facebook Stories work the way other social media sites do for the same experience. These are short, custom user-created image and video montages. The collages can only be viewed two times and the content vanishes for good after 24 hours.

Facebook Stories currently claim 150 million DAUs or daily active users. (That’s about half of subsidiary Instagram Stories 300 million. However, that’s enough to open a new revenue stream, so the world’s largest social network is going forward.

The new Facebook Stories video ads are already available for purchase and exposure in the United States, Mexico, and Brazil. These ads are 5 to 15 seconds in length but users can skip them. At this time, the new Facebook Stories video ads don’t support click-through links. Although, that could change as this is just test run.

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