November 5, 2022
Facebook Stormchaser

Facebook Created a Software Program to Track Negative Stuff about Itself

Facebook Stormchaser is a software program which helps keep tabs on negative information and rumors about the social network…

Fake news is a real problem for social media. But, it’s also a concern when it spreads rumors and misinformation about social sites itself. This isn’t lost on Facebook, which built a software program to track bad stuff about Facebook, according to Bloomberg.

Facebook Stormchaser Software Tracked Negative Rumors

The program, developed in 2016, tracked and debunked misinformation about Facebook, including rumors and more spread on subsidiary WhatsApp.

Critics complain this is proof Facebook is more concerned about its image instead of other types of misinformation. However, the social corporation states that isn’t the case at all:

“We didn’t use this internal tool to fight false news because that wasn’t what it was built for, and it wouldn’t have worked. The tool was built with simple technology that helped us detect posts about Facebook based on keywords, so we could consider whether to respond to product confusion on our own platform. Comparing the two is a false equivalence.”

It isn’t at all unusual for companies to be concerned about their images. But, this doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence among users who already view Facebook with suspicion.

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