September 19, 2022
Facebook Study market research app

Facebook wants to Pay Adults to Collect Data about How they Use their Phones

Facebook’s new market research app, called “Study,” will pay adults who sign up for access to data as to how they use their phones…

Facebook is back at it — albeit in a much more upfront way. Back in January, the social network found itself of one of many scandals for paying teens $20 to sell their private data. This time around, Facebook is asking adults to do the same.

Facebook Study Market Research App, Pays Users to Collect their Data

Facebook has introduced a new standalone market research app named “Study.” The social network will collect information on participants. This includes which apps participants have installed, how much time are spent on those apps, as well as users’ device and network types.

Facebook states it will not collect sensitive information like user IDs, passwords, or content people share, including messages.

Here’s Facebook’s explanation on the official Study page:

“Participants who have been invited to the Facebook Study program install the Study app, give us permission and then use their phone as normal.

All registered participants have agreed to share their apps usage data with Facebook and they are rewarded for taking part in the program. We explain how to participate during registration, before participants accept the terms of the Facebook Study program.

Participants can leave the program at any time by uninstalling the Study app and notifying the vendor that they want to end their participation.”

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