October 20, 2021
Facebook sues app maker Rankware

Facebook Files Lawsuit against a Third-Party App Maker, Claiming the Company made Millions through Facebook User Data Misuse

Facebook sues app maker Rankware over alleged claims the defendant company misused the social network’s user data to make millions…

The world’s largest social media company has filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court against a South Korean company, Rankware. 

Facebook Sues App Maker Rankware for Allegedly Misusing User Data to Sell Advertising and Marketing Services

Facebook alleges in the complaint the defendant misused user data to sell ads and marketing services:

“Rankwave is an application developer that breached its contract with Facebook by violating Facebook’s policies and California law. [Rankware] used the Facebook data associated with Rankwave’s apps to create and sell advertising and marketing analytics and models—which violated Facebook’s policies and terms.”

Facebook has suspended the company and its apps from the social platform. However, the third-party app maker still retains a trove of Facebook user data.

The Facebook lawsuit requests a court order requiring the company to delete all user data. The suit also suggests the defendant might have sold Facebook user data to other companies who are not identified.

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