July 4, 2022
Facebook sues domain registrar over cybersquatting

Facebook Files Lawsuit against Domain Registrar for Cybersquatting Addresses

Facebook is taking a domain registrar to court, alleging the online company over cybersquatting certain web addresses…

Social corporation Facebook wants to bring down cybersquatting domains that might be used by nefarious characters for scam and phishing schemes. The world’s largest social network has filed a lawsuit against domain name registrar OnlineNIC and its privacy/proxy service ID Shield for registering address it claims were created to appear as being officially affiliated with Facebook.

Facebook Sues Domain Registrar Over Cybersquatting Addresses

The suit initiated by Facebook cites twenty URLs, which include facebook-pass.com, facebook-pw.com, www-facebook-login.com, www-facebook-pages.com, iiinstagram.com, m-facebook-login.com.

Facebook explains it proactively reports any detected instances of abuse to domain name registrars. However, not all of these companies respond to such reports.

The social site notes the defendant has a history of allowing cybersquatters to register web addresses pretending to be other companies or entities. For instance, Verizon won $33.2 million against OnlineNIC in 2008 for 663 such addresses, which were created to make them appear as though they were owned by the carrier.

Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation, writes:

“We don’t want people to be deceived, so we track and take action against suspicious and misleading domains, including those registered using privacy/proxy services that allow owners to hide their identity.”

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