November 25, 2021
Facebook Sues Two Chrome Extensions for Scrapping Personal User Data

Remove these Two Chrome Extensions Right Now before They could Steal Personal

Two more Chrome extensions have been found to abscond away with personal user data and are being sued by Facebook, so remove them right now…

Google Chrome users are being urged to check their security protections after another couple of malicious extensions were discovered stealing people’s personal data. The two browser plugins have also been flagged as potential security and privacy risks. What’s more, the companies behind the software programs are being sued by none other than Facebook.

Facebook Sues Two Chrome Extensions for Scrapping Personal User Data

The two Chrome extensions are UpVoice and Ads Feed Chrome. The social media giant filed lawsuits against the developers of both extensions. Facebook took this action after learning that user data was being collected without permission from either the social network’s flagship platform or its subsidiary Instagram. The lawsuits, filed against Israeli-based company BrandTotal Ltd, and Unimania Inc., which is incorporated in Delaware, states the two extensions were available for download from the official Chrome Web Store since September and November of 2019.

During that brief time, the browser plugins recorded more than 5,000 and 10,000 installs each, putting thousands of Chrome users at-risk. Facebook’s lawsuit alleges the UpVoice extension scrapped data from user profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Meanwhile, Ads Feed collected data from people accessing their Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube profiles.

Among the information stolen was login credentials, gender, date of birth, relationship status, location, along with advertising preferences and other metrics that revealed how victims interacted with online ads.

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