October 28, 2020
Facebook Suing Analytics Firm OneAudience for Stealing User Data through Third-Party Apps

Facebook Files Lawsuit against an Analytics Firm for Allegedly Stealing User Data via Third-Party Apps

Facebook is taking legal action against an analytics for allegedly illegally siphoning off user data through third-party apps…

Facebook has filed a lawsuit in federal court against a company called OneAudience. The civil action accuses the analytics firm of stealing Facebook users’ personal information.

Facebook Suing Analytics Firm OneAudience for Stealing User Data through Third-Party Apps

The lawsuit’s origins actually date back to last November, when Facebook and Twitter verified the findings of independent security researchers. At the time, the social network alleged the defendant and Mobiburn, another SDK developer, unlawfully obtained user data, such as names, emails, and gender.

After the discovery, Facebook notified 9.5 million users of the potential personal information compromise. Additionally, the social site dispatched a cease-and-desist letter to the defendant and requested the company take part in an audit. However, OneAudience did not cooperate.

Jessica Romero, Director of Platform Enforcement and Litigation, writes:

Facebook filed a federal lawsuit in California court against OneAudience, a New Jersey-based data analytics company that improperly accessed and collected user data from Facebook and other social media companies by paying app developers to install a malicious Software Development Kit (SDK) in their apps.

Security researchers first flagged OneAudience’s behavior to us as part of our data abuse bounty program. Facebook, and other affected companies, then took enforcement measures against OneAudience. Facebook’s measures included disabling apps, sending the company a cease and desist letter, and requesting their participation in an audit, as required by our policies. OneAudience declined to cooperate.”

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