October 3, 2022
Facebook Summer Memories

Facebook Summer Memories Roll Out to Android, iOS

Facebook Summer Memories comes to both Android and iOS as the dominant social network continues its ongoing fight against context collapse…

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Facebook just released its latest user look-back collection. Starting this weekend, the Facebook Summer Memories collage began appearing in the News Feed for users. The social behemoth announced late August it would continue add a number of these collections.

Facebook Summer Memories Now Available on Android, iOS Apps

This latest CTA or call-to-action is just another in a long line of previous ones. Those include: Facebook Spring MemoriesJune MemoriesJuly Memories, and its Good Adds Up video, which marked its rise to 2 billion users.

[For the 2019 Facebook Summer Memories, click here.]


The social company stated it learned a great deal after launching On This Day two years ago. The purpose of such collections is to prompt users to share more often. Currently, the network is battling a weird phenomenon it internally calls “context collapse.” This dynamic is longer user engagement times but less original, organic sharing. In other words, people continue to spend more time browsing and sharing but upload less original content.

Also, the company is dealing with a “I read it on Facebook” problem. That scenario is a steep decline in users’ abilities to recall sources. In other words, more people increasingly say, “I read it on Facebook,” unable to cite the original publisher. The fix is something Facebook calls, “Brand Assets,” and it’s already available to publishers.

How to Get Facebook Summer Memories

To get the Facebook Summer Memories collage, simply open the app on Android or iOS and look for the prompt at the top of the News Feed. From there, a “Choose Photos” prompt appears. Note there’s an option at the bottom of the screen to select photos by uploading or to “Choose from Facebook.” 

It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately.

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