August 14, 2020
Facebook teen VPN Project Atlas

Facebook Collected Teens’ Private Data in Exchange for $20 per Month through ‘Project Atlas’

A bombshell report reveals social media giant Facebook actually paid teens to collect their private data for $20 a month…

As if Facebook didn’t have enough scandals to deal with, it’s now facing more criticism over the fact it paid teens to follow their every move.¬†

Facebook Teen VPN Paid Data Mining Program ‘Project Atlas’ Uncovered

Turns out, Facebook has been collecting private data through a sketchy program called “Project Atlas.” Participants were compensated to download the mobile app, which provided unfettered access to any connected device’s network data. In other words, Facebook gained complete access to just about everything the device owner did.

Not only did the social corporation demand access to all data, it also asked users to upload screenshots of their Amazon purchase history page.

Facebook opened the opportunity to users between the ages of 13 and 35, compensating them $20 per month. Additionally, users earned a referral fee for any new recruit.

Facebook inundated Instagram and Snapchat with ads to get the word out. Moreover, the social network partnered up with popular beta testing services, such as Applause, BetaBound, and uTest to pull in more users.

What’s more, Facebook allegedly circumvented the Apple App Store’s developer guidelines by signing its code with its enterprise certificate. (It’s unknown if Apple will take disciplinary action for breaching its policies.)

Since the initial publication of the report by TechCrunch, Facebook has pulled the iOS version of the app but it’s still available on Google Play at this time.

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