August 4, 2022
Facebook testing new Pages design

Facebook Overhauls its Pages Interface and is Testing the New Look with a Limited Group

Facebook Pages are getting a makeover that puts more focus on a scaled-down user experience and easier back-end management…

The world’s largest social network is experimenting with some very noticeable changes to Facebook Pages. While the new interface isn’t radically different, it does clean up the user (and managerial) experiences in a few good ways. Right now, the new look is only available to a test group that includes some celebrities, authors, creators, and a few media entities.

Facebook Testing New Pages Design

The new Facebook Pages interface most notably places the profile picture dead-center, near the top of the page, moving it from the left side. Also, there’s no Like button at the top right that previously appeared under the banner image. Moreover, the Like count is gone, along with the removal of the Home, Posts, About, Videos, Photos, and Events tabs.

The most probable reason Facebook removed the “Liked” count is due to the fact that people can Like a Page but then unfollow it. So, the number of followers is a more accurate reflection of the Page’s true reach since those individuals receive the Page’s updates in their News Feed.

The front-facing changes aren’t the only ones. Page owners and managers can better connect with followers. It also makes assigning permissions based on specific tasks a lot less complicated.

Facebook isn’t yet saying when it will wrap up this test or if and when it will make the new Pages experience available to all.

Image Credits: Facebook (Old vs New Pages)

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