October 4, 2022
facebook third-party app invitation support ended

Facebook Finally Kills Off this Super Annoying Feature

The Facebook third-party app invitation support comes to a close as the social giant changes its developer policy to improve UX or user experience…

Facebook recently changed some of its developer offerings. And, that’s good news for users inundated with game invites. Going forward, the Facebook third-party app invitation support is deprecated. Meaning, the social behemoth no longer provides the necessary support.

Facebook Third-Party App Invitation Support Ends

The company states the move is to better serve its developer community. However, its users who will benefit most from the change. Although, third-party app invites will continue to work. At least, until Facebook SDK version 4.28 arrives. By February 6, 2018, the social platform will not support third-party app invitations. So, users can say goodbye to friends sending Farmville invite notifications.

Facebook relied heavily on app invites in its early days. Back then, users just had to tolerate the feature. That is, unless users took the necessary steps to manually block app invites. That method required opting out of each third-party app notification. Now, that nuisance will no longer be a part of the Facebook experience.

Additionally, Facebook is ending its support for third-party Like buttons. Meaning, users can’t Like a page while in another app. Instead, users must visit the official Facebook Page to Like it. Also, the Follow button and comment mirroring are going away. The latter feature allowed users to comment on offsite content using their Facebook sing-in credentials.

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