January 15, 2022
Facebook Ticker removed

Facebook Removes Its Ticker, the Feed for Tracking Friends’ Activity

The Facebook Ticker no longer appears in the right column on desktop as an option for searching friends’ activity on the social network…

Facebook continues its overhaul. Most recently, it introduced new Greetings buttons along with Did You Know, a Q&A feature. During its remaking, the social network demonstrates not even the oldest and/or most well-known features are safe. Now, the Facebook Ticker is among those casualties.

Facebook Ticker Removed from Desktop Platform

For those unfamiliar, the Facebook Ticker was a search option, previously located in the right side column on desktop. It allowed users to search friends’ activity, such as likes, comments, and more. Its removal comes several weeks after a number of users reporting its unavailability. Last week, a thread on the Facebook Help Community page appeared.¬†

In the thread, a user explains the Ticker isn’t appearing. Abby S., a member of the help team simply replied, “This feature is no longer available.” The thread is now closed to further comments.

Generally, Facebook is well-known for killing off unused features. Or, removing tools that don’t progress in the way it planned. The social giant also removes options to cause users to focus on others.

The Facebook Ticker came to the network back in 2011. It coincided with a new algorithmic News Feed. That change largely replaced friends and most recent Pages posts with content thought more interesting to users. The Ticker served as a way to see all activity in a more in-depth experience. But, it debuted among some controversy. It gained the name the “creeper feed,” precisely because of its core function.

Facebook is currently repositioning itself. Rather than being a platform that connects friends, it’s increasingly moving toward a news aggregation site. In June, the company changed its mission statement from¬†“making the world more open and connected,” to “give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”