June 23, 2022
Facebook to Allow Page Owners to Upload Podcasts Starting June 22nd

In its Quest to Swallow the Internet, Facebook is Bringing Podcasts to its Platform, Starting Tomorrow

Facebook has notified Page owners and managers of the upcoming ability to upload podcasts to their spaces, beginning tomorrow, June 22nd…

Facebook continues its mission to basically corner the internet, giving users no reason to leave the social network. It’s already copied and cloned a number of features from elsewhere, including ephemeral video, groups, and so on. Now, Facebook is ready to begin its experimental journey into podcasting. This, by way of Pages, which will be able to upload podcasts as soon as tomorrow.

Facebook to Allow Page Owners to Upload Podcasts Starting June 22nd

Facebook has notified Page owners/managers they can link the RSS feed of podcasts to their spaces, meaning podcasts will eventually start showing up in the News Feed. But, that’s not all. The social network also states it intends to introduce a new feature called “Clips,” which will allow users to share their favorite moments from podcasts episodes with their friends and on their News Feed.

Additionally, Facebook is tentatively planning to introduce “Soundbites,” an option to post short audio clips to the News Feed, kind of like voice messages for users’ timelines. Of course, just because Facebook adds these tools doesn’t mean they’ll become a permanent part of the platform. 

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