June 20, 2021
Facebook Today In local news

Facebook Creates a Local News and Information Section for Users, Starting with 400 US Cities

The new Facebook Today In local news and information section provides users with updates about their communities across for over 400 US cities…

Facebook is taking another stab at local news and information, rolling out an expansion of its section simply called “Today In.” The feature has long been in testing, starting in March of this year.

Facebook Today In, Local News Section, Launches in 400 US Cities

Facebook Today In covers more than 400 US cities and it’s available by going into the hamburger menu on the mobile app (the three horizontal lines at the top right) and scrolling down to find “Today In…”

Here’s part of the announcement:

“Today In aggregates local news and community information in a separate section within the Facebook app. People who live in a city where Today In is currently available can visit this section directly, and they can choose to turn on local updates to start seeing a collection of local news more regularly in their News Feed.

We’ve seen that people value Today In for helping them stay informed about what’s happening nearby, finding information that directly impacts their day, and discovering ways to support their local community through events or volunteer opportunities.”

Facebook Today In welcome screen

Facebook Today In Place for Local News

Facebook Today In Share Your Interests

Facebook Today In Ways to Get More Involved

Facebook is likewise testing local alerts from governments and first responders:

“In addition to expanding the availability of Today In, we’re running a test with over 100 local government and first responder Pages to help them communicate time-sensitive and need-to-know information to people on Facebook.”

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