July 12, 2020
Facebook Today In section being weaved into News tab

Facebook Set to Oust ‘Today In’ Local News Section from its Own Tab and Meld it into News Section

Facebook is now alerting users to the coming move of its ‘Today In’ local news section, which will be integrated into the new dedicated News tab…

Back in late November of 2018, Facebook first unveiled its hyper-local news section, called “Today In.” It started out in more than four hundred cities across the United States and by September of the following year, expanded to over 6,000 communities. Today In brought local happenings and events to users in specific towns. But now, Facebook will fold it into its newly released, dedicated News section, by June 19th.

Facebook ‘Today In’ Section being Woven into News Tab

The prompt comes with a call-to-action button, which takes users to said dedicated News section. Interestingly, this is the same section Facebook earlier promised to have its own tab. But, rolled it out through a bookmark. In order to get it as promised, Facebook states users must repeatedly visit this bookmark to make their intentions clear.

While this was already known, Facebook is making its plans unmistakable. The social network continues to tweak its approach to local news. (Which it says users overwhelmingly appreciate.) The trick is to balance the platform with professionally produce content with that of family and friends. 

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