August 4, 2022
Facebook Trending Stories

Facebook Trending Stories to Undergo Three Changes

Plans for Facebook Trending Stories will introduce three distinct changes to the social media platform for its headlines, popularity, and user customization…

In the wake of controversy and criticism, Facebook is making key changes to its platform. In particular, the Facebook Trending Stories section is rolling out changes to its user interface.

Three Changes Coming to Facebook Trending Stories Soon

“These changes begin rolling out today and will be available to everyone in the US in the coming weeks. We’re listening to people’s feedback and will continue to make improvements in order to provide a valuable Trending experience,” Will Cathcart, VP, Product Management wrote on the company’s blog. Here are the three Facebook Trending Stories section changes being implemented:

  • Headlines will come to Facebook Trending Section. The new headlines are algorithmically selected based on article engagement on the social network, the publisher’s overall engagement, and if other articles link to the piece. This means an abandonment of automated trending stories and is in response to user popular demand.
  • Trending topics based on popularity. Facebook will base trending topics on popularity, including how many publications have dedicated content to t the same topic and how much engagement those articles generate. Up to this point, the social media property only identified topics based on single post high engagement or high engagement articles.
  • Facebook trending personalization to end. Rather than allowing users to personalize the trending section, the company will show the same topics for a given geographic area. No longer will users’ interest determine what topics appear in the feed.

Below is a screenshot of the new trending headlines:

Credit: Facebook

Facebook explains the updates, “…may also help prevent hoaxes and fake news from appearing in Trending because the updated system identifies groups of articles shared on Facebook instead of relying solely on mentions of a topic.”

Other recent changes by the social site are live broadcasts from Desktop Facebook Pages, which include contributors, along with managers and administrators. Also, Facebook Instant Articles now allows curating multiple articles within a single post

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