August 5, 2022
Facebook Trending Stories automated

Facebook Trending Topics Now Automated

Facebook Trending topics are now automated, removing the descriptions from the section in an effort to make the feature shorter and statistically based…

Facebook Trending topics are now automated after the social media giant removed most of its team from behind-the-scenes. In their place is an algorithm designed to place important topics in the trending section. Unlike its predecessor, there is no written short description of the topic title. Facebook recently announced the change and reasserted its commitment as an unbiased source of news.

Facebook Trending Topics Now Automated

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Facebook launched Trending topics in 2014. In its inaugural form, a short, human-written description accompanied the title. In the latest version, Trending topics displays only the title with a short statistic underneath. Going forward, when users hover over a topic, they will see a headline, with an excerpt, a source, and other pages displaying popular posts on the particular trending item. 

Clicking or tapping on the topic when send users to the Facebook search results page. There, users will see top posts from publications, along with the top public posts. In addition, users will continue to see personalized topics. Personalization is based on different factors, such as: pages liked, user location, and trending topics the user previously interacted.

All of the results are algorithmically generated, with the social platform assigning higher preference to topics receiving high mention volume. The trending section will continue to have human oversight to ensure topics are related to news events. 

The change is another in a slew of many others Facebook is implementing. Early last week, the social media site announced it would no longer accept new publishers into its Domain Insights analytics tool. More automation will debut as algorithms and bots become more sophisticated.

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