September 16, 2022
Facebook Trip Consideration

Facebook Wants to Help Its Users Plan their Next Vacation by Showing More Ads

The new Facebook Trip Consideration ad tool helps travel-related businesses more effectively targets curious users on the social platform…

Facebook users should exercise caution the next time they seek out travel destinations. The social network just introduced a new ad-targeting tool called “Trip Consideration.” And, it works precisely how one would imagine. Users who browse through Spring Break beach parties, ski slope adventures, and theme park experiences will soon see ads targeting them, promoting airlines, lodging, and much more.

Facebook ‘Trip Consideration’ Ad Tool Rolls Out

In 2016, Facebook conducted a study about travel interactions. It revealed 53 percent of vacationers found inspiration on Facebook. That same study also discovered that travelers actually spent an astounding 5x more time on Facebook for getaway planning than on dedicated travel apps and sites.

Now, the social giant is taking advantage of this by introducing a new travel-promotion ad tool. It’s designed to help push travel-related services right to users who’ve already shown interest. 

“For example, let’s say a college student has demonstrated interest in spring break at the beach by browsing travel-related Pages, but hasn’t yet settled on a specific location. Travel advertisers can now deliver ads promoting flight or hotel deals to inspire the student to book his or her trip,” Facebook explains.

Of course, Facebook touts the numbers to entice advertisers to use the new tool. The company states 68 percent of millennials found travel ideas for their most recent trips on the social platform. While 60 percent did the same on Instagram (which Facebook owns).

Facebook already has a dynamic ads for travel product in-place. But, this is slightly different. Since the tool is live, users should readily expect to see more travel-related ads on Facebook and Instagram. Especially if they’ve shown any vacation-type interest.

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