November 4, 2022
Facebook US user base decline

Facebook Lost 15 Million Users in the US Since 2017 while Instagram Rose in Popularity

A substantial Facebook US user base decline counts 15 million fewer users, a new survey reveals, as subsidiary Instagram adds to its numbers…

While Facebook remains the largest social network on the planet with 2.32 billion global users and reported more monthly and daily active users in its latest earnings, those numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Facebook US User Base Declines by 15 Million Since 2017

A new survey conducted by Edison Research found Facebook is actually shrinking in two key ways. The study only collected data on U.S. users, which is the most lucrative market for the social site. And, it revealed 15 million fewer people using the network today than in 2017.

What’s worse, is the shrinkage comes in the 12- to 34-year old bracket, with the largest loss among teens and millennials. Furthermore, this is part of a trend, Edison president Larry Rosin said in an interview:

“It represents about 6 percent of the total US population ages 12 and older. What makes it particularly important is if it is part of a trend. This is the second straight year we’ve seen this number go down.”

Even more intriguing is the fact people aren’t altogether leaving Facebook. Instead, they are migrating over to Instagram, a subsidiary. Rosin explains:

“There’s conjecture about as Facebook has become more popular among older people, whether that’s affected younger people. Then we have to consider whether some of these other social media platforms, in particular Instagram and Snapchat, are just more appealing to younger people.”

Instagram now claims over 1 billion users and 400 million monthly Stories users (something it took from rival Snapchat).

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