August 3, 2022
Facebook usage decline

Facebook Suffers Its First-Ever Usage Decline as ‘Context Collapse’ Continues

A new, upcoming report aligns with other third-party data, which shows Facebook usage decline is real as it fights against ‘context collapse’…

Facebook usage decline isn’t just speculation. A preview of a report from Edison Research, entitled “Infinite Dial” shows Facebook usage is down for the first time among American users.

Facebook Usage Decline Revealed in Upcoming Report

Facebook continues to struggle with what it calls “context collapse.” That is, a steady decline of organic posts or what it internally calls “original content broadcasting.” Although time-on-site metrics remain solid outside the U.S., people are sharing fewer personal updates. 

Even though this is a single report, it represents one more in a slew of third-party analysis which all point to the same thing.

The upcoming report states, in part, “The Infinite Dial research series from Edison Research and Triton Digital has been tracking Facebook usage since 2008, and that usage has steadily increased for ten straight years. But this year, for the first time in our tracking, the portion of Americans reporting that they currently ever use the service has declined from 67% to 62% among Americans 12+.”

Facebook remains the most-used social media platform on the planet. But, it’s either down or flat in every single demographic. (Whether it’s age groups, gender, or ethnicity.)

This helps to explain the company’s numerous changes to its News Feed. It’s the reason behind the many memory collages, its totally weird Q&A feature, the network’s newest Lists tool, and more. This also sheds light on the social network’s decision to surface more posts from friends and family, while showing fewer publisher and brand Pages.

When combined, it’s clear Facebook has a big problem on its hands. It must find a savvy way to balance publisher and brand content with “meaningful interactions.”

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