September 9, 2021
Facebook video ad statistics lawsuit

Advertisers Accuse Facebook of Hiding the Fact No One Actually Watches Video Ads

A Facebook video ad statistics lawsuit alleges the social site withheld key information about the marketing format’s performance…

A group of advertisers aren’t happy with their Facebook video ad results. The case of LLE One LLC et al. v. Facebook, as first reported by The Wall Street Journal, was filed two years ago. It’s now pending in federal court in Oakland, California. Now, the plaintiffs are alleging more misconduct by the social network. 

Facebook Video Ad Statistics Lawsuit Filed

The suit claims Facebook knew as early as 2015 it was over-reporting key metrics. Additionally, the marketing agency has now filed fraud claims, along with a request for punitive damages.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys explain:

“In addition to Facebook knowing about the problem far longer than previously acknowledged, Facebook’s records also show that the impact of its miscalculation was much more severe than reported. The average viewership metrics were not inflated by only 60-80 percent; they were inflated by some 150-900 percent…

Facebook did not wish to draw scrutiny to its viewership figures because it knows that the majority of video ads on its platform are viewed for very short periods of time—users scroll right past. If advertisers were more widely aware of this fact, and in particular, if they knew that their advertisements were among those that were not drawing viewers’ attention, they would be less likely to continue buying video advertising from Facebook.”

Facebook says that when discovered the error, it took immediate steps to correct it. And, the social property told some advertisers it overestimated the average time spent watching video ads by 60 to 80 percent.

However, the plaintiffs believe the figure is dramatically higher — as much as 900 percent. Facebook states the claim is “false,” and has moved for a dismissal of the suit.

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