May 21, 2022
Facebook video completion rates

Facebook Video Completion Rates Explained by the Social Network

Until now, little was known about Facebook video completion rates but the social network posted an explanation on its official company blog…

In an effort to improve user experience, Facebook video completion rate measurements are now better explained. The social network states it looks at a wide range of signals to determine which videos go into its News Feed. Two Facebook insiders explain the company studies user behavior to gain a better understanding of the most popular content.

Facebook Video Completion Rates Clarified by the Social Platform

“…we’re announcing a change to the way we rank videos in News Feed to adjust the value we give to how much of a video is watched. One of the signals we look at is ‘percent completion’ — the percent of each video you watch — to help us understand which videos you enjoyed,” Abhishek Bapna, Product Manager, and Seyoung Park, Research Scientist wrote on the company’s official blog.

The social network measures user actions in relation to videos, whether live or pre-produced, the length of long video views, if users enable sound, and if users enable video full screen mode.

Now, Facebook will rank News Feed videos based on “percent completion,” as well. The company explains this algorithmic change will likely result in video distribution from Pages. Bapna and Park also state long videos with higher user engagement will probably experience a “slight increase in distribution.” Conversely, this might cause a slight decrease in shorter videos. Moreover, longer videos users do not watch won’t perform better in the News Feed. 

Bapna and Park state the change will roll out gradually in the next few weeks and the change only applies to organic videos, not video ad distribution. Last week, the company announced three changes to Facebook Trending Stories. Additionally, desktop Facebook Page can now broadcast live video.

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