January 17, 2022

Facebook Video Mid Roll Ad Format under Testing

A Facebook video mid roll ad format, currently under testing, will allow producers to insert advertisements into clips after viewing time reaches 20 seconds…

Industry sources report a new Facebook video mid roll ad format under testing by the social media giant. Facebook started moving toward video content only a few years ago, and now states users are watching 100 million hours per day.

Facebook Video Mid Roll Ad Format being Tested

The key difference in how the social network treats video ads is its prohibition on what’s known as “pre-roll” ads. Quite familiar to the average person, these are ads which run before the actual video content. Networks allowing pre-roll ads include the world’s largest video host, YouTube. The reason for the ban is due to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own proscription.

However, the social network is now testing a new way to increase its revenue. The platform will allow producers to insert advertisements into videos after 20 seconds of play. Reportedly, the feature will split the mid roll ad revenue, earning the producer 55 percent of all sales.

Thus far, video producers have seen little or no ad revenue from the clips published on Facebook. This move would change that dynamic and provide serious motivation to produce and publish more on the social site.

Last year, Facebook began allowing entities to create and publish videos sponsored by advertisers. The company likewise started testing mid roll ads in live videos on its platform last year. Facebook VP Dan Rose says he expects to expand mid roll ads this year.

A Facebook Page video automatic subtitling feature just launched, to enhance silent auto-play. This marks yet another move by the social network to take market share away from competitor YouTube.

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