June 18, 2021
Facebook View as Public profile

Facebook Brings Back its ‘View as Public’ Profile Tool after 2018 Data Breach

The Facebook ‘View as Public’ profile feature, which disappeared following the 2018 data breach, is back, and with it a new ‘Edit Public Details’ tool…

Facebook today posted a tweet, announcing it’s making two key changes for users to better manage their publicly visible information.

Facebook ‘View as Public’ Profile Option Returns

The social network is reviving the, ‘View as Public’ profile tool, which the platform removed after a 2018 data breach.

Also, the company is introducing an ‘Edit Public Details’ button, which appears right on users’ profile pages.

The ‘View as Public’ profile option was initially removed following a hack, when its code was manipulated, exposing 50 million users. Although Facebook rolled out a fix quickly, it’s taken over six months for it to return.

Meanwhile, the new option, ‘Edit Public Details’ could prove useful. For instance, a bug once made 14 million users’ private posts public. That overruled the users’ chosen default privacy settings which only selected people could see.

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