September 21, 2022
Facebook Watch Party expands

Facebook Opens Watch Party to All Pages and Even to Profiles, while Introducing New Features

Facebook Watch Party expands to all Pages and even over to profiles, plus it brings with it some new features for people and brands to try out…

Back in January of this year, Facebook began experimenting with a new option called “Watch Party.” The social network then added the feature to Groups in July. 

With the roll out, anyone in a Group can start a Watch Party and even designate co-hosts. The initiator and co-hosts control the playlist, as well as the playback. Anyone in the Group can suggest videos to add to the mix and notifications go out when a party is about to begin. Participants can ask questions, comment, react, and more, all in real-time.

Facebook Watch Party Expands to All Pages and Profiles

Now, Facebook is bringing the tool to Pages and profiles. Meanwhile, the company is also testing a few new Watch Party features. These include advanced scheduling, and threaded comments. It’s also introducing live commenting for hosts to provide their own perspectives. 

The social site is likewise reportedly testing a similar group viewing feature for Messenger

Facebook Watch Party for Groups has already struck a chord. It’s been largely successful. So, it’s unsurprising the company would add it to more of its properties.

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